It's Christmas Morning: Albert rallies the menfolk for the tug of war between the Rovers and The Flying Horse, having got two banned rugby league players for the team. The Cheveskis are staying at No.11, having arrived at 2.00am. Jill Morris settles into family life with the Barlows though she wonders if Dennis is a bit soft for talking to her about Father Christmas. Albert hints there is more to the tug-of-war contest than a £1 bet. Elsie and Steve arrive for a final Christmas at No.11. Elsie is pensive at the thought of moving to the USA. The menfolk gather for the tug-of-war with Albert managing the Rovers team and Jimmy Leadbetter doing the same for The Flying Horse. The two rugby league men don't turn up and Albert tells Steve and Ivan to join in along with Stan, Len, David, Ken, Dennis and Jerry. Emily acts as starter. Stan's back goes and Albert has to take his place. The Flying Horse team easily win and Albert is despondent. Jack finds out that Albert bet free beer all night for the winners when the victors turn up at the Rovers. The Tanners watch the Queen's Christmas speech before their dinner though Dennis is the only one who has room for pudding. The Flying Horse men only have one beer each so as not to take advantage of Albert. Ena plays the piano for a Christmas singsong as Elsie grows nostalgic.


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Ena Sharples: "And a Merry Christmas to Albert Tatlock."
Albert Tatlock: "Well thank you. Only I always try to be merry all the year round. Not only just at Christmas, you know."

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