Tracy tries to convince DC Glynn and DS Carr she's onto something with Gail. They tell her to get a confession or some new evidence or else stop wasting their time. Cheryl drinks with Leanne in the Rovers. Teresa's on edge when Lloyd greets her. Tina's about to venture out for a walk with Graeme but has second thoughts and darts back inside the flat. She tells Graeme she has panic attacks at the thought of going out. Norris is on tenterhooks as Blanche's will-reading takes place. She leaves Simon a fob-watch, Amy a music box, some books for Ken - along with Eccles - her jewellery to Deirdre and the remainder of her estate to Tracy. Norris learns Blanche wanted him there so he would have the gossip first-hand and also to cancel her magazine subscription. Roy's annoyed that Hayley discussed their wedding with Anna. He cannot see the point of spending lots of money on a big ceremony. Hayley's downcast. Janice tackles Trevor about the money she found. He explains that it's the kitty for the World Cup trip which is a secret from the lads' partners. Janice realises Peter's going and hasn't told Leanne. She agrees to keep it quiet. Tracy talks about how she was driven to killing Charlie. She tries to get Gail to admit to feeling the same about Joe. Gail's horrified and reiterates that she loved Joe. Lloyd walks Cheryl to her taxi and admits his fling with Teresa has run its course. David and Nick visit Gail. She's pleased to see them. Liz advises Teresa to move on before Lloyd dumps her. Ken and Deirdre are shocked that Blanche bequeathed everything to Tracy. Lloyd's gobsmacked when Teresa moves out, saying it's been a laugh but she's found a job and flat with a mate in Hyde. Lloyd fondly bids her farewell but it's clear Teresa's lying to save face. Tracy pretends to comfort Gail when she breaks down proclaiming her innocence.


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