Ciaran persuades Liz to let him arrange a speed-dating evening in the Rovers. Nick Tilsley asks Hayley to get some elastic from Weatherfield Market. Norris arrives back from a stationery fair to find Tina back working in The Kabin. She explains how Rita took her back on. Norris is secretly pleased. Peter's furious with Leanne for going behind his back and putting Nick in touch with George. He accuses Leanne of still fancying Nick. Leanne and Peter row. Hayley spots Chesney at the market selling dog collars. He's surrounded by customers and it's clear he's very good at it. Hayley phones Fiz. Fiz drags Chesney home from the market. Chesney explains how he accidentally ordered 100 dog collars instead of 1 on her credit card and he wanted to pay her back. Fiz is touched but insists he'd be better off at school so he can forge a proper career. Chesney's adamant he's done with school and exams. Natasha offers Nick the money she'd saved towards a deposit on a flat to pay George for the deposit on Turners Joinery telling him she sees it as an investment in their future together. Nick's slightly phased. Mary plonks a weighty tome in front of Roy and Hayley explaining that it's her wedding dossier and insisting they must borrow it. Peter's jealousy is evident as he confronts Nick telling him to stay away from Leanne.


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