Episode 736
Production code P228/736
ITV transmission date 3rd January 1968 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Tony Warren
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director Richard Guinea
Executive Producer Richard Everitt
Producer Michael Cox
Previous episode 1st January 1968
Next episode 8th January 1968


Annie begins to worry about Lucille's whereabouts. Hilda is woken up by gongs from next door. Annie guesses that Lucille is with the hippies when Hilda gossips about them, as she found hippy magazines in her bedroom. She sends Jack to drag her home. Robert Croft recites his poetry at No.11. Dennis finds one of the hippies meditating in the bath naked. The hippies get into Elsie's things. Jack is afraid to enter the fray and gets Dennis to pass the message onto Lucille. Lucille refuses to go. Len is wary about finding Ena somewhere to live as he got landed with her last time. Ena dispells Albert's illusions that the Council is building another mission. Annie threatens to bar Stan from the Rovers when he lauds the hippies' lifestyle of no work and free love. Emily needs Lucille's help at Gamma Garments and goes to fetch her. Annie is amazed by her courage. Hilda takes the twins back to Oakenshaw Park to see more of George Greenwood. Lucille feels liberated by joining the hippies and refuses to go to work. Even Dennis is warming to them. Hilda loses track of time and dashes home to make Stan's dinner. George tells her she's always welcome. Stan snacks at the Rovers to keep himself going. Annie asks Len for help as it's her turn to tackle Lucille. Len turns her down forcing her to face the hippies on her own. Ken and Val enjoy the psychedelic music from next door. Annie sees the hippies burning incense and chanting and thinks they're invoking the Devil. She calls Dennis a brute when he refuses to help her get Lucille out. Annie decides to contact the landlord.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Annie Walker: "I'd rather that the gypsies had made off with 'er, she'd be learning peg-making or something useful."

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