Nick tells the factory girls that they can leave early. Carla tries to pull rank and tells them to sit back down but the girls follow Nick's orders. Eddie babysits his nephew. Steve spots the baby from across the Street. Leanne tells Deirdre that she doesn't trust Lewis and he has all the charm of a snake. The hotel manager shows Hayley and Mary a smaller function room which overlooks the East Lancs steam railway. Hayley's thrilled knowing that Roy would like it but Mary's disparaging and insists that they book the larger room. Deirdre offers Lewis a cup of tea in the bookies while she closes up. Lewis takes the opportunity to survey the till area. Cheryl returns and tells Lloyd that she's got to work out what's best for her and Russ. Lloyd tells her she's welcome to stay for as long as she likes. Ciaran cooks dinner for Michelle. When Natasha tells Nick that she's made an appointment for them to view Dev's old flat he's furious and Natasha's embarrassed. Gail tells Nick to stop stringing her along. Carla tells Nick that she knows he never got planning permission to open a factory in Turners Joinery and she intends to close him down.


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Steve McDonald: "Oh aye, finished yer shift 'ave yer?"
Ciaran McCarthy: "I've squared it with Liz. I've got better fish to fry... goujons of sole, to be precise."
Steve McDonald: "Goujons of sole? I think I went to one of their gigs with Lloyd once!"


Mary Taylor (with reference to the "Rocket Suite" at the hotel): "Intimate is sales speak for 'you couldn't swing a cat' but by the look of the decor they've had a darn good try at it."

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