Episode 737
Production code P228/737
ITV transmission date 8th January 1968 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer John Linter
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director Les Chatfield
Executive Producer Richard Everitt
Producer Michael Cox
Previous episode 3rd January 1968
Next episode 10th January 1968


Hilda takes Stan's dirty woolly socks for the wash. Jerry goes to court to sort out his divorce. Annie tells Jack she's given Alfred Wormold a full report of the goings-on at No.11. Dennis doesn't understand the hippies' lifestyle. George Greenwood entertains Hilda in his work shed. She takes a shine to his budgie Winnie. The hippies are sleeping when Wormold comes knocking so he assumes they've gone. He tells Annie that Dennis is in arrears with the rent. Annie urges him to try again. Stan gets frostbite when working in the Rovers due to the thin socks Hilda gave him. Wormold is appalled by the vagrants at No.11 and gives Dennis a month's notice. Annie feels sorry for Dennis but stands by her actions. Lucille can't forgive her for what she did and tells her she's going to live with the hippies. In her haste to get home, Hilda leaves her scarf in George's shed. George suggests she buys Stan a present so he doesn't feel neglected. Another case overruns causing Jerry's to be postponed. He worries about the past being dredged up when the woman in the dock keeps crying under questioning. George's wife Agnes finds Hilda's scarf. Stan is thrilled when Hilda buys him a new pair of woolly socks. Dennis calls Annie an interfering old cow. She breaks down and Jack bars him from the Rovers until he apologises. Dennis tells Len he's not going to fight the eviction - he's got no reason to stay in the Street any more. Jenny Sutton arrives looking for her sister, Monica, who is one of the hippies. Dennis takes a fancy to her.


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