John desperately tries to contact Charlotte to find out what she has said to Colin. She finally answers and agrees to meet him for lunch. Natasha wonders how long Audrey plans to continue working. David lets slip that she turns seventy in a week's time. Sophie sets off for school early to help with the prom arrangements. Ryan spots Sian and asks her to go to the prom with him. Sian agrees. Cheryl asks Lloyd for a lift tonight as she has a trial for a job at a new strip club. The Windasses' new sofa arrives. Eddie invites the Stapes round to christen it. Charlotte meets John in the café. She admits that she's said nothing to Colin but they both know they must come clean before he learns the truth elsewhere. Michelle worries that Ryan will get hurt when he tells her he's going to the prom with Sian. Lewis invites Deirdre for a drink to celebrate a win on the horses. John arranges for Charlotte to bring Colin from the airport to the Rovers so that he can confess all. John sends Fiz and Chesney to the Windasses' house without him. Ryan and Sian set off for the prom dressed to the nines. Suddenly, Sian clutches her stomach and collapses in agony at the bus stop. Ryan runs to fetch help.


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