Stan is suspicious when Hilda treats him well. Hilda can't find her scarf and goes back to George's shed to look for it. Annie takes to her bed because of Lucille. Jack feels that Lucille has to decide to come back herself. Jenny Sutton joins the hippies but tells Dennis she thinks they're crazy. Dennis and Jenny learn about each other as they clean up the mess in the house. Jerry's divorce case is heard in court. He goes through all of his and Myra's marriage difficulties. Agnes Greenwood follows Hilda home from Oakenshaw Park to find out where she lives. Once the coast is clear, she calls on Stan and tells him that Hilda is seeing George. She produces the scarf as evidence. Jerry is granted his Decree Nisi. Agnes tells Stan that George always strikes up friendships in the Winter. It's quite harmless. She tells him that George always feels guilty and treats her well and that Stan should make the most of Hilda spoiling him as well. Lucille asks about Annie at the Rovers but refuses to go upstairs and see her. Stan enjoys Hilda waiting on him. The hippies decide to move on. Jenny prepares to go back to London as the hippy lifestyle isn't for her. Dennis asks her to stay and gets her a job at the Hotel. Lucille doesn't know whether to join the hippies or stay in the Street.


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