John meets Charlotte at the factory as planned but they're horrified to find it all locked up. Charlotte wants to go to the police but John talks her out of it. Fiz wants to know where John's been and senses there's something wrong. Sally's annoyed when she sees how expensive the houses are that Molly and Tyrone are looking to buy. She asks Kevin just how much he's offered Tyrone for his share of the garage but Kevin's evasive. Mary drags Hayley to the Salon to discuss her hair for the wedding. However Maria and Natasha bicker over who's the best wedding stylist and Hayley is glad to leave. Sean phones Violet and he's delighted when she agrees to let him see Dylan. She promises she'll get back to him with a date. Chesney asks Kevin if he'd sell him a van he's been working on. Kevin tells him it's £500 but points out that Chesney can't even drive. Owen oversees a delivery of concrete at the factory. John can only watch in vain as the concrete is poured onto the factory floor. Sophie begs Kevin and Sally to change their minds about the music festival but Sally refuses to be swayed telling her that she's too young. Sunita offers Cheryl a job at the kebab shop. Cheryl's thrilled until she finds out that Chris has got a job across the road working on the factory building site. John steals Hayley's keys to the factory and lets himself in. He's shocked to see the hole concealing Colin's body is now entirely concreted over. Carla arrives and demands to know what he's doing.


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