John slips Hayley's factory keys back into her bag. Hayley's none the wiser. Lloyd tells Owen that Chris is a wife-beater hoping Owen will fire him. John checks into the Deneway Guest House and lets himself into Colin's room using Colin's key. Audrey and Lewis arrive back from Greece. At Lewis's suggestion, Audrey takes out a secured loan of £100,000 against her house so they can buy a hotel which they've seen. Gail's deeply concerned. Fiz finds out from Carla how she found John sniffing round the factory. Fiz is worried wondering what on earth John is up to. John summons Charlotte to the guest house and together they remove all Colin's worldly possessions. Chesney buys the van from Kevin for £450. Fiz agrees he can register it in her name. Sophie and Sian set off for the music festival but keep up the pretense that they're going to Sian's mum's house in Southport. They let Chesney in on their secret. John and Charlotte burn all Colin's possessions in some woods. Lloyd apologises to Cheryl for interfering in her relationship with Chris. Cheryl silences him with a passionate kiss. John tries to drop Charlotte off at her house but she insists he stays with her telling him that her nerves are shredded. Meanwhile Fiz is beside herself wondering where on earth he is.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Charlotte tells John she cannot face spending the night alone after they jointly destroy the remnants of Colin's life; and Lloyd apologises for trying to get Chris sacked.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,630,000 viewers (10th place).
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