It's clear Nick's unaware that Natasha's had an abortion but the doctor maintains a professional silence. Natasha's grateful. Nick tells Gail they're expecting a baby. Gail's unimpressed and quietly warns Nick that he can't paper over the cracks in his relationship with a baby. Nick's stung. Deirdre complains to Peter that she's only received half her wages. Peter tells her to get used to it until she's paid back Lewis's debt. Deirdre tells him to stick his job. Peter offers John a permanent job at the bookies and tells him not to worry about Leanne. John's thrilled. John sets fire to all Colin's papers and tells Fiz that he's starting afresh and intends to be a good husband and father. The happy couple hug. The doctor reprimands Gail for her lack of patient confidentiality telling Nick that Natasha was in the surgery. Sophie and Sian agree to meet at choir practice again although Sophie's not happy about using the church as cover. In the Rovers, Fiz and John proudly announce they're expecting a baby. Everyone congratulates them. To Natasha's horror, Nick then announces that they too are starting a family. Gail leaves the pub in disgust whilst Leanne looks wistfully at Nick. Ken and Deirdre continue to snipe at each other. Deirdre tells Ken he can sleep in the spare room. Natasha finds Leanne crying in the Rovers' backyard. She accuses Leanne of being in love with Nick and warns her to keep her hands off her man.


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