Kevin phones for an ambulance while Sally tries to keep Molly calm. Tyrone finds a delivery truck blocking a one-way street. He argues with the driver who grabs the keys to Tyrone's breakdown truck and throws them away. Kylie flirts with Gary and Quinny. Anna's disapproving and warns Gary that Kylie's a slapper and best avoided but Gary ignores her advice. After searching in vain for his keys, Tyrone tries to hot-wire the truck. However he's spotted by the police. Tyrone explains his predicament. Ken meets up with James for the first time. Lawrence turns up unexpectedly and proceeds to row with James. Peter's intrigued to meet his half-brother and enjoys filling him in on some family history much to Ken's embarrassment. Becky tells Kylie that she can live with them permanently and the Rovers is her new home. Liz is unimpressed. Trevor tells Carla he's mulled over her offer and he'd like to accept. Carla introduces Trevor to Nick telling him that he's the new trainee manager. Nick's furious. James explains to Ken that he's gay and how Lawrence disapproves. Molly starts to push. Sally helps deliver the baby. The police give Tyrone a lift home. He's just in time as Molly gives birth to a baby boy. Tyrone's overcome with happiness whilst Kevin cries, his emotions in turmoil.


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