Gary and Kylie wake in the motor home. Gary thinks they should return it but Kylie's in no rush. Becky's agitated to find that Kylie's not been home all night, as it's the day of her court case for custody of Max. Ashley asks Claire to reconsider her decision to leave the area but she's resolute. Gary and Kylie return and abandon the motor home on Viaduct Street. Kylie invites herself back to No.6. Gary feels awkward when they bump into Izzy. Katy decides to skip school to help Chesney on the market. Chesney's chuffed. Norris and Mary are relieved to find that the motor home has been returned. Mary's upset that someone has slept in her bed. Becky's furious that Kylie's not back and is putting her future with Max in jeopardy. Quinny calls on Gary. Anna takes a photo of them together and gets emotional. Simon gives Aadi his games console to apologise. Dev and Peter are chastened. Gary and Quinny make a pact to notify the other's family should they die in Afghanistan. Quinny leaves Gary and Kylie to their own devices. Katy impresses Chesney with her quick grasp of his sales patter. Pam warns Molly not to bury her head in the sand regarding baby Jack's father but Molly insists he's Tyrone's child. Sunita calls at the Peacocks' house to apologise. Claire frostily informs her that she's decided to move away to escape the prejudice of her so-called friends. Liz and Steve try to calm Becky but she refuses to allow Max to be brought up by foster carers when he should be with his family. They are stunned when Becky decides to go to court and pose as Kylie.


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