Eileen returns to work for Owen, assuring him there are no hard feelings. She soon questions her decision when Owen docks Jason's wages for arriving late. Becky's loving living with Kylie and Max as one big happy family. Steve can't bring himself to spoil her happiness. Natasha goes to see Dr Carter. He urges her to tell Nick the truth. Natasha leaves in torment. Gail sees her looking distressed and wonders what's going on. Sian is working in the kitchen of a Sheffield hotel. Sophie arrives and reveals they have been evicted from their room for missing a rent payment. Sian's colleague Mikey offers to put them up. Owen takes Sean to one side and threatens him for blabbing to Eileen about him and Liz. Sean's alarmed by Owen's menacing manner. Fiz spots Natasha looking upset. She tries to reason with her that she needs to come clean. Natasha rows with her. Nick spots them arguing. Rita lets Tina take an early break to spend time with Graeme. Nick rails at Fiz for hassling pregnant Natasha. Fiz keeps her counsel but informs Natasha that Nick knows something is up. Natasha finally resolves to tell Nick there's no baby and heads over to the factory. Rita and Norris find water pouring into the back room of The Kabin. Graeme and Tina return and remember that they left the bath running in Rita's flat. Steve advises Kylie not to blow the chance that Becky's given her. Kylie's thoughtful. Nick shows a ring to the factory girls. Natasha arrives and Nick seizes the moment to propose to her. Fiz looks on in dismay while Natasha's horrified.


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