Nick's relieved when Natasha finally answers and agrees to marry him. The factory girls are delighted, except for Fiz. Rita's bathroom has been flooded. Norris fears for his laptop which has got wet. Graeme and Tina are guilt-ridden. Rita wonders if she's been too accommodating towards the young couple but Emily sticks up for them. Sian and Sophie arrive at Mikey's student house. Sophie is ill-at-ease and wonders if home was really that bad. Sian says that at least here they can be together. Gail walks into the salon to find Nick and Natasha are engaged. She's annoyed that nobody told her. Audrey chastises her for failing to congratulate the happy couple. Kirk goes to the police station about the assault charge. He returns a free man due to insufficient evidence. Grateful Gary says he can count on him if he's ever in trouble. Fiz tells Natasha to go through with her decision to confess to Nick. When Natasha stalls, Fiz accuses her of being greedy. Owen celebrates his birthday in the Rovers, while Nick and Natasha raise a glass to their engagement. Leanne and Peter congratulate Nick and Natasha. Katy snogs Chesney in front of Owen. Liz suggests he retaliates and they kiss, just as Eileen walks in. Liz apologises but Eileen wishes her well with Owen. Gail feels uncomfortable celebrating and leaves the pub. Kylie tries to chat up Gary but he snubs her in favour of Izzy. Owen asks Eileen to check on the yard as the police have reported the alarm going off. Eileen finds everything in order but notices the petty cash tin has been left out. She locks it up and puts it away. Audrey finds Gail in the medical centre, checking Natasha's records. Gail's stunned to learn that Natasha had an abortion and is not pregnant. She vows to tell Nick.


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