Natasha is discharged from hospital. Audrey offers to let her stay at her house as Natasha doesn't want her family to know about her suicide bid. Natasha's grateful. Nick's feeling guilty and tells Leanne he feels obliged to check if Natasha's okay. Sian's alarmed when the Websters reveal they've invited her parents round to talk. Michelle sees Ryan off as he starts at the Weatherfield Institute of Performing Arts. She wishes Ciaran luck as he sets off for his job interview in Glasgow. Molly's suffering from sleep deprivation and accuses Tyrone of being no help. Gail's angry to learn that Audrey's taken in Natasha. Nick goes round to see her. Sally opens up to Rita and explains she's struggling to come to terms with Sophie's sexuality. Rita assures her that Sophie is still the same person and Sally will soon come to accept it. Nick visits Natasha and tells her that he's prepared to forgive her and try again. Natasha's thrilled. Audrey despairs. Sian's parents Vinnie and Janet arrive at No.4. Vinnie's hostile and blames Sophie for being a bad influence on Sian. Kevin makes to hit him but is held back. Janet orders Vinnie to sit down so they can talk civilly. Audrey warns Natasha that she and Nick will always have her suicide attempt hanging over their relationship. She urges Natasha to realise that Nick doesn't really love her and is just trying to salve his conscience. Graeme tells Tina he's fixed with Dev to move into the Corner Shop flat immediately. Shaken Rita arrives and reveals she's been the victim of credit card fraud. Natasha admits to Audrey she knows her relationship with Nick won't work so she's moving on. Audrey wishes her the best. Natasha catches a cab to Coronation Street.


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