As Julie fantasises about Brian over her lunch, Fiz tries but fails to put her off him. John begs Brian to cancel his date with Julie explaining it's too risky in case Brian lets slips John's true identity. Under pressure Brian agrees. Jack kisses Betty's hand, telling her how much he loves her hotpot. Betty thinks he must have been drinking, but she's touched nonetheless. Emily's thrilled when an anonymous benefactor donates £2,000 to the church roof fund. Molly and Tyrone quietly realise that Jack's behind the donation. John's annoyed to discover Brian's ignored his pleas and taken Julie to a restaurant in town. He tells Fiz they'll have to follow him to avert a possible disaster. Tina's furious to find David in the Corner Shop flat helping Graeme build some flat-pack furniture. She throws him out. Graeme wonders if she's still in love with him. Brian and Julie are enjoying their first date when John and Fiz arrive at the next table, destroying the romantic atmosphere. Tina is forced to tell Graeme how David, convinced there was still something between them, pinned her to the floor. Graeme's incandescent. Brian's wife Margaret calls his mobile while he's in the toilet. John answers pretending to be a waiter and lures her to the restaurant. Margaret tells Julie she's welcome to her useless husband. Julie leaves embarrassed. Tyrone and Molly promise each other they'll look after Jack to his dying day. As Fiz and John relax at No.5 the peace is broken when Brian arrives saying Margaret's thrown him out for good and he wants to kip on their sofa. Graeme's determined to make David pay for his treatment of Tina but Tina makes him swear that he'll leave well alone.


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