Tina cradles Graeme's body praying he's still alive. Roy phones for an ambulance. Sophie and Sian return to find the burnt out kitchen full of soot but Rosie's more concerned about the state of her clothes. David regains consciousness to Audrey and Gail's relief. He maintains that he doesn't remember anything about the accident. Tina accuses him of trying to murder Graeme. Claire abandons her prospective buyers when she gets news of the crash. Julie wonders where Brian has got to. Fiz and John lie saying he's probably gone back to his wife. Julie's disappointed. Fiz and John return home to find Brian hiding under the stairs. Rosie tries in vain to persuade one of her admirers to redecorate the kitchen for her. Fiz phones Brian's wife and persuades her to take him back telling her how much he misses her. Tina tells the police that David deliberately tried to kill Graeme. Tina watches upset as Graeme is wheeled in for an operation. Hayley consoles Roy over the shock of seeing the aftermath of the accident. After a phone call from Margaret, Brian decides to return home and give his marriage another go. John and Fiz are mightily relieved. David bumps into Tina in the hospital. He swears to her it was an accident but Tina's disbelieving and promises him that if Graeme dies she'll make sure he goes down for murder.


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