Episode 7453
Production code P694/7453
ITV transmission date 25th October 2010
(Monday - Part 1)
Script editor Caroline Roby
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Catherine Cookson
Daniel Dockery
Lyn Papadopolous
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Designer Alan Davis
Director Durno Johnston
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 22nd October 2010
Next episode 25th October 2010


Eddie pinches a bouquet of flowers from the factory steps and gives them to Anna pretending he bought them. She's touched until she opens the card which reads "rest in peace". David attends the magistrates court. He's awarded bail on condition he lives at Audrey's house and stays away from Graeme and Tina. Becky panics when she discovers a letter from Social Services to Kylie informing her that she'll be receiving a visit from the social worker that day. Ashley and Claire remain at loggerheads over the move to France. Ashley suggests they have a holiday but Claire's unimpressed. Chris tells Cheryl how Lloyd scuppered his chances with Maria by blackening his name. Cheryl makes it clear to Lloyd she's not happy with his interfering. Tyrone and Molly agree to book the christening sooner rather than later so Jack can be there. Jack's touched and insists he's paying for the buffet in the Rovers. Becky frets about the social worker's visit and wonders how she can cover up for the fact Kylie's done a runner to Cyprus. Graeme arrives home from hospital. When the social worker arrives at the Rovers she explains how Kylie's normal social worker has been taken ill and she's standing in. Becky seizes the chance and lies to her, pretending that she's Kylie. Steve listens with incredulity.


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