Steve persuades Lloyd to let him borrow £10,000 from the Street Cars business account to give to Kylie. Sophie admits she doesn't want a birthday party as she doesn't want people laughing and pointing at her and Sian. Rosie feels sorry for her sister and confides in Jason that she plans to give Sophie the best birthday party ever. Kevin tells Molly he wants her to have a DNA test as he needs to know once and for all if he's baby Jack's father or not. Molly refuses point blank. Steve and Becky hand over £10,000 to Kylie and arrange to give her the other £10,000 when she delivers Max. Owen lays the law down and says he doesn't want Katy seeing Chesney any more. Carla offers Michelle a job at the factory. John calls on Charlotte. She shows him the letter she received - it's the same as his and reads "I saw what you did". Ciaran calls in the Rovers but Liz tells him that he's barred. Michelle sticks up for Ciaran and tells Liz she leaving too as she's got another job. Kylie delivers Max to Steve and Becky who hand over the remaining money. Kylie leaves with Dimitri. John despairs as he and Charlotte ponder over the flowers and letters wondering who sent them and what they will do next.


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