Tyrone's grief-stricken, wishing he'd had a chance to say goodbye to Jack. Connie does her best to comfort him. Nick's frosty towards Leanne as they prepare for the opening party at The Joinery. Molly tells Kevin the terrible news about Jack and how he knew Kevin was the father of baby Jack. Kevin's shocked but Molly assures him that Jack kept it to himself. Rita calls to see Tyrone and offers some words of comfort. Leanne points out to Nick that if they're going to be business partners he needs to put his feelings for her to one side. Nick agrees but it's clear he's struggling. Sophie and Sian tell Emily about the pastor's reaction to their homosexuality. Emily's shocked to realise Sophie's a lesbian and leaves in a tizzy. Sophie feels rejected. Tyrone's overwhelmed as all his friends offer their condolences although Kevin, tormented by his own guilt, can barely look at him. Leanne asks Peter to be by her side at the opening party. Peter's touched that she's willing to put such faith in him after the disastrous hard-hat party. Tyrone tells Rita how Jack recently named one of his pigeons "Racy Rita" after her. Ashley tries his best to make amends with Claire but she remains cold towards him. Molly's emotionally fraught as she tells Kevin she's sick of the hypocrisy and she can no longer live like this.


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  • TV Times synopsis: A grief-stricken Tyrone meets well-wishers in the Rovers to toast Jack's life, and when Molly breaks the sad news to Kevin, she also reveals that Jack knew about their affair.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,140,000 viewers (13th place).
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