Molly makes Kevin promise to try and forget that baby Jack is his son. Peter takes Carla back to her flat and demands to know why she fell off the wagon. Carla admits she's in love with him. Peter's taken aback but flattered. John convinces Fiz that the mystery letter was just from some crank referring to the Rosie kidnap case and nothing to do with his false identity. The party over, Nick and Leanne share a bottle of champagne. Buoyed up on the success of the evening, they kiss passionately and Nick leads Leanne to the sofa. Peter tells Carla that gorgeous though she is and tempted as he is, he loves Leanne. Carla tries to kiss him but Peter pulls away. Carla's mortified. Rosie goes back to The Joinery and bangs on the door. Leanne and Nick jump apart. Rosie tells them she's come for her phone which she left behind earlier. Leanne is awash with self-loathing having just had sex with Nick. Nick tries to make her see they should be together but Leanne's earlier lust for him fast turns to hatred at the thought of losing Peter and Simon. Molly pours her heart out to Pam telling her how the DNA test has confirmed that Kevin's the father of baby Jack and how much she hates herself. Charlotte pushes another "mystery letter" through John and Fiz's letterbox. Leanne lies in bed next to Peter and cries, hating herself for what she's done.


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