Leanne's wracked with guilt, wishing she'd never had sex with Nick. Fiz reckons that Sally might be the culprit behind the letters and resolves to confront her. John does his best to talk her out of it. Anna proudly shows Hayley the letter she's received from Gary in Helmand Province. Leanne feigns illness telling Peter that she's not well enough to go to work. When Carla leaves Michelle in charge of the factory, Michelle muddles up an order and Janice who can see Michelle's flustered, enjoys goading her. Nick does his best to run The Joinery on his own. Ciaran wonders where Leanne's got to but Nick covers for her saying she's at a meeting. Charlotte lies to John saying she also received a condolence card. She asks him to call round as her nerves are in tatters but John refuses. Charlotte's put out. Carla apologises to Peter for coming on to him. They agree to remain friends. Tyrone phones Terry to tell him the sad news that Jack's died. Terry makes it clear he's only interested in the will and won't be attending the funeral. Tyrone's appalled. Sophie tells Sian that they should still go to choir practice and ignore the pastor's remarks. An army officer calls on Eddie and Anna and delivers the news that Gary's been injured. On his birthday, Jim turns up at the Rovers. Leanne tells Nick she wants out of the business as she can't work with him. They row and Peter, overhearing them, wants to know what's going on.


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