The students campaign for ransom money but Jack doesn't pay up as he's enjoying Annie's absence. Elsie doesn't know how to get in touch with Dennis. Jerry broods about his divorce and is bitter towards Elsie. Minnie becomes an agent for a catalogue. Hilda is annoyed as it is the same firm that she's an agent for. Annie enjoys her captivity at the University and gladly pays the students five guineas. She poses in handcuffs for the evening paper. Tim Jordan asks Lucille to appear in the rag procession on a float as a 1920s Bathing Beauty. Hilda warns Minnie off her patch. A triumphant Myra tells Jerry that the divorce won't get to court as she has a witness to prove they were together. Irma discovers that Emily is reading Miklos's books on Communism. Jerry is surprised that anyone local would stick their neck out for Myra. Hilda feels bad when she finds out that Minnie has taken to drink. Lucille uses David's tie as a headband and dresses up in Annie's old swimsuit for the procession. Annie catches her as she's setting off and forbids her from going. Lucille disobeys her as she's scared of losing Tim's affections. Mr Stock tells Jerry that Jack is the witness and advises him to change his statement. Len tries to find out what's wrong with Elsie but she asks to be left alone. Hilda gives Minnie half her catalogue and they go into partnership. Jerry asks Jack to commit perjury and say he didn't see Myra.


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