Becky's released from the police cells as they haven't got enough evidence to hold her any longer. Tyrone and Sally agree that they'll always be friends. Tyrone spots a man erecting a "For Sale" sign in Sally's garden. Sally dashes over and rips the board out of the ground. A tussle ensues between Kevin and Sally. John calls on Joy Fishwick and cooks her a meal. Joy thinks he's an angel. Becky arrives back at the Rovers. Steve and Claire are delighted to see her but Becky points out she's not out of the woods yet unless Tracy decides to tell the truth. Chris cashes in his raffle prize and has Lloyd as his chauffeur for the day. He and Maria set off in Lloyd's limo but they have a burst tyre. Whilst Lloyd and Chris fix it Maria gets quietly drunk on champagne. Fiz is thrilled when the doctor tells her that she can hold baby Hope for the first time. Kevin and Sally row over their infidelities. Kevin points out he turned a blind eye to her affair with Ian Davenport. Sally refuses to admit to the affair. Leanne and Peter arrive back from a few days away. Deirdre breaks the news to them about Tracy. Joy phones John's phone thinking that she's calling Colin. Without thinking John answers it and Joy looks at him in surprise. Claire shocks Becky by admitting that it was she who attacked Tracy. In desperation John admits to Joy that Colin is dead.


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  • Hope Stape appears in this episode but is portrayed by a prosthetic baby instead of a real one due to the character's premature birth.
  • TV Times synopsis: John receives promising news from Fiz, but his troubles continue when Joy catches him with Colin's mobile phone.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 11,360,000 viewers (1st place)
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