Joy cannot believe her ears as John explains how Colin dropped dead in front of him, and he and Charlotte buried his body under the factory floor. Becky's astonished by Claire's confession. Claire wants to notify the police but Becky warns they won't be lenient due to her grief and the boys could lose their mother too. Joy's angina flares up as she gets distressed. John's horrified when her neighbour calls round and covers Joy's mouth to silence her. Leanne admits to Ken and Deirdre that Peter was a nightmare during their holiday, insulting all and sundry for treating him like an invalid. Becky tells Steve that Claire clobbered Tracy. Steve's outraged but Becky makes him see that Tracy's done herself no favours by lying to the police. John releases Joy but discovers that she is not breathing. John's mortified to realise that he has killed again. Maria and Chris have enjoyed their date. Maria heads home while Chris buys Lloyd a drink. Lloyd sees Chris in a new light. Claire goes to the police station and hands herself in. Steve and Becky arrive to stop her but are too late. Peter's sick of being fussed over at No.1. He loses his rag and declares that he, Leanne and Simon are returning home to the flat in the morning. Claire tells DC Redfern how she pushed Tracy and made her stumble. She assumes Tracy must have hit her head but claims she did not stop to find out. John and Chesney join Fiz at the hospital where they are allowed to hold Hope for the first time. John's overcome with mixed emotions as he cradles his baby girl.


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