Drunken Janice returns from the airport where they refused to let her on the plane, only to discover her flat has been burgled. Peter promises Simon that he won't drink again and makes Simon promise he won't tell Leanne about it. Gary suggests to David they should head into town. Izzy reckons Gary's had enough to drink already but he ignores her advice and the lads leave. Izzy's hurt. Michelle spends the evening talking business with Frank. She wishes she could spend the evening with Ciaran instead. Sean and Eileen make up and Eileen confesses that she's stolen £10,000 from Owen. Sean's shocked. Carla tells Owen that she's paid him the last of the money she owed him and he's got Eileen to thank for that as she did the chasing. Ciaran's fed up when Michelle phones and says her business meeting is going on longer than she'd expected. He points out it's his last night before he leaves for the ship. Owen calls round and thanks Eileen for chasing Carla for the £10,000. He offers to do the repairs to No.11 at a knock-down price. Eileen feels terrible. Gary and David get into an argument with the police. As the police bundle Gary into their van Gary flips and punches the officer. Eileen promises Sean that she'll pay the money back into Owen's account and he'll be none the wiser. Peter secretly phones Nick and tells him that he won't be wanting any more booze deliveries as he's going to clean up his act for good. Nick masks his disappointment. As the police bundle Gary into the cells he tries to explain that he's claustrophobic. Michelle and Ciaran have a full-scale row in the Rovers. He's not happy with her schmoozing with clients and she's not happy about his job on a cruise ship. Ciaran storms off.


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Sean Tully: "So go on, how was it?"
Jason Grimshaw: "Swear to God Sean, I was nearly leaping out of my skin."
Sean Tully: "Rosie? You don't seem that impressed..."
Rosie Webster: "No, it was OK, it was just a bit dark."
Jason Grimshaw: "Well she never jumped once, nerves of steel this one."
Rosie Webster: "I just didn't think it was that scary."
Jason Grimshaw: "What, so it wasn't scary when the missile flew out the screen into our faces?"
Rosie Webster (not realising she had been wearing sunglasses rather than 3D glasses during the movie): "It didn't fly out that much. It was just dark and well, a bit blurry."

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