Episode 751
Production code P228/751
ITV transmission date 26th February 1968 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Peter Berry
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director Unknown
Executive Producer Richard Everitt
Producer Michael Cox
Previous episode 21st February 1968
Next episode 28th February 1968


Jack is a bundle of nerves and hasn't told Annie about Jerry's request. He shocks Annie by telling her to shut up when she goes on at him about taking a parcel to the post office. Len tells Jerry he was out of order asking Jack to lie for him. Jerry feels he has no other choice. Elsie sets tongues wagging by coming into the Corner Shop looking a mess. Jack is afraid of lying in court but wants to help Jerry. Miklos arranges to meet Albert at the Rovers to give him his dad's collection of Hungarian coins. Mr Stock tells Jack about a mate who got done for perjury before asking him whether he saw Myra inside Len's. Jack is in the middle of denying it when Jerry stops him and changes his own statement. David feels there must be something more to life than serving a load of gossipy women. Miklos stands Albert up in the Rovers. Jerry tells the agent what really happened between him and Myra and how she tried to seduce him. He apologises to Jack for putting him in such a situation. Irma asks Emily to set her up with Miklos. Albert stands up for Communism in the Rovers, remembering the Depression and mass unemployment, but finds little support from the regulars. He erupts when Annie says that foreigners become Communist as they have nothing else to do. Jerry makes up with Elsie. Albert finds No.1 has been ransacked and his coins are missing. He blames Miklos.


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