Episode 753
Production code P228/753
ITV transmission date 4th March 1968 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director June Howson
Executive Producer Richard Everitt
Producer Michael Cox
Previous episode 28th February 1968
Next episode 6th March 1968


Hilda tries to gossip with Val about what Elsie is doing, locked away in No.11, but gets nowhere. Len gets annoyed when Hilda tries the same with Annie and he realises that it's Elsie's birthday. David tells Ken he's going to play a game of football - his first since the accident. Ken tries to dissuade him but fails. Val gets a letter from Dennis saying he's returning. Emily joins Miklos for a lunch. He tells her that he feels his job is pointless and he doesn't want to put roots down. Len bangs on Elsie's door until she lets him in. She is in a dishevelled state and the house is a tip. He forces her talk to him. She tells him that she's left Steve. Everyone was right - she didn't fit in in America. He makes her admit that Steve wasn't the perfect husband but was a swine. He adapted quickly to life back home but she never could. She tells him they had nothing in common and nothing to talk about. Steve spent more and more time at the base until he was stopping out all night. He was posted to South America - he volunteered and didn't want Elsie to go with him. She tells Len that Steve had told her that he was sorry he'd married her. She sold her engagement ring and things and flew back. She breaks down crying, not knowing what's going to happen to her.


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