Norris celebrates his 71st birthday in the café with Rita, Mary and Emily. Mary tells them how she tried but failed to book Bill Oddie for the official reopening of The Kabin. Kylie tells Gail that David's given her a job at his salon. Gail's speechless. Tina and Graeme move back into the Corner Shop flat. Kylie arrives for work at the salon but is furious to discover David doesn't own the business at all and Audrey refuses to give her a job. When Frank phones and insists on popping into Underworld, Carla's concerned but Maria assures her that she can handle it. Kylie tells Xin that she can marry David and avoid deportation in exchange for her life savings. David tries to object but Kylie ignores him. Claudia queens it over Audrey telling her how well Perm Suspect is doing and how well things are going with Marc. Audrey seethes. Sophie excitedly cleans the house in preparation for Sian's return. The reopening of The Kabin takes place. Norris makes a lengthy speech and Rita's horrified to see the new shop sign reads "Norris's News". Claudia's in the salon having her hair done when Marc pops in to see her. Audrey's horrified to discover one of her clients, Mrs Hargreaves, has died under the dryer. Tina forbids Xin to give her life savings to Kylie and David and instead suggests that Xin could marry Graeme instead. Graeme's shocked.


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