Episode 7576
Production code P694/7576
ITV transmission date 11th April 2011
(Monday - Part 2)
Script editor Caroline Roby
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Rick Laxton
Elizabeth Murray
Writer Joe Turner
Designer Alan Davis
Director Laurence Moody
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 11th April 2011
Next episode 14th April 2011


The siege is underway and Jim demands to speak to Liz. Roy is left terrified by the imposing presence of his mother Sylvia. She demands an explanation for his refusal to attend her husband's funeral. Carla has to play hardball with Frank and renegotiate Maria's earlier offer. A police escort arrives at the Rovers to take a worried Steve and Liz to Jim. Eddie is outraged to find out Faye has told Gary that he hit Anna. Steve tells Lloyd to pick up Becky from the airport and to abort their plan. Steve and Liz are horrified to find an armed Jim in the building society. A sour Gail and Audrey wave off Kylie and David on their way to the airport. Tracy is livid to find Amy with Becky in Lloyd's cab. She warns her to stay away. Frank tries to play hardball with Carla. She refuses to budge and a reluctant Frank agrees to a deal. Hayley tries to broach the subject about Roy's mother but her efforts prove fruitless. Jim tells Liz that there's no going back for him now. Rita and Tina discuss Graeme and Xin's sham marriage. Rita reluctantly agrees to not let the cat out of the bag and to let Tina stay with her. Faye is upset when confronted with her lie, leaving Anna hurt and Eddie frustrated. Jim says his goodbyes to Liz and Steve. It looks like he won't make it out alive. Carla tells Maria that her best is far from good enough. Liz manages to talk Jim down. After evacuating the hostages, he is arrested, leaving Liz heartbroken.


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