Fiz is spooked when John reveals that Charlotte was behind the phantom DVDs and letters. Tina confronts Graeme about Xin's outburst in the Rovers yesterday. John tries to convince Fiz that his guilt forced him to post money through the Hoyles' door. Anna and Faye discuss Eddie's departure. Dr Carter visits John and Fiz. John admits he's no longer taking his medication. Tracy winds up Steve about Frank's burgeoning paternal relationship with Amy. Graeme and Tina are stunned when they get a letter to inform them that his marriage to Xin has been reported to the UK Border Agency. Graeme and Tina confront Norris but Mary admits to reporting the sham marriage. Graeme is incensed and lashes out at Mary. Norris and Rita try to rein him in. Tina tells Tommy the truth about Graeme and Xin's sham marriage. Anna frets and breaks down about the Social Services re-evaluating her as a single mother. Gary tries to comfort her but she is worried they will take Faye away. Xin returns from an unsuccessful interview to hear about the upcoming UK Border Agency assessment. Fiz calls the Hoyles but loses her nerve. Xin has left Graeme and Tina a note; she's run away. Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre about Becky and Steve's plan to snatch Amy. Graeme and Tina resolve to track down Xin.


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