Maria is annoyed when Audrey ditches her at lunchtime on her first day back. Steve confronts Tracy about planting the photo. James meets Sophie and Sian for the first time. Audrey is alarmed when she sees "Marcia" on her lunch date with Claudia. James plucks up the courage to enlist Roy's help in his charity work. A drunken Becky returns and angrily attacks Tracy in front of the Rovers' customers. Mary is becoming increasingly paranoid as her motor home disappears yet again. Kylie and David are annoyed when Maria ditches them with an annoying rep. Tyrone takes Tommy to task when he reveals he is the culprit behind the phantom motor home. Claudia is dismayed when Audrey dissuades her from moving in with Marc. Sylvia is dismissive when Anna, Hayley and Roy talk to her about pension benefits. Tommy and Tyrone are gutted to see that motor home has been vandalised. Becky is left stunned when Steve tells her in no uncertain terms that Amy comes first.


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