Episode 7607
Production code P694/7607
ITV transmission date 23rd May 2011
(Monday - Part 1)
Script editor Henry R. Swindell
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Elizabeth Murray
Jack Ford
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Designer Alan Davis
Director Peter Rose
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 20th May 2011
Next episode 23rd May 2011


There's been a huge rainstorm the night before. Tracy is indignant when Ken accuses her of being slapdash in her approach to Amy. Tyrone is distraught at the thought of people accusing him of trying to kill Kevin. Kevin tells Sally, Sophie and Sian that he thinks Tommy was behind the lift damage. Kylie and Becky secretly meet and Kylie tells her of the Platts' intention to get full custody of Max. Carla confronts Owen about the flooding in the factory toilets which have overflowed because of the rain. Tommy tries to fix the lift but Kevin sees it as an admission of guilt, leaving Tommy seething. To stop Fiz reporting Chesney as missing to the police, John tells her that Colin Fishwick is back in the country. Tyrone confesses that he damaged the lift and Kevin is furious. Owen makes amends with Anna over her attempt to keep Katy's pregnancy a secret. Becky tells Steve she thinks that Tracy has a hand in Amy's illness. Claudia attempts to bury the hatchet with Audrey after their fallout over Marc. Tracy catches Amy drinking milk; Amy locks herself in the front room. Marc arrives at the Rovers and sees Claudia and Audrey together. Claudia chastises Audrey for letting her down. Kevin is devastated when it sinks in that Tyrone damaged the lift and may have tried to kill him. Amy confesses to making herself ill in an attempt to keep Steve and Tracy amicable.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Ken Barlow: "Tracy, both you and I know that you do have a tendency to be, how to put this nicely, slap-dash?"

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