Episode 761
Episode 761
Production code P228/761
ITV transmission date 1st April 1968 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Script editor Malcolm Lynch
Writer Geoffrey Lancashire
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director Richard Guinea
Executive Producer Richard Everitt
Previous episode 27th March 1968
Next episode 3rd April 1968


Emily is upset that Miklos is moving on and about the way she found out the news. He asks to see her later on to talk. Dennis is upset that no one has remembered his birthday. Jenny decides it's time she got a job. Mrs Margaret Clegg looks over the Corner Shop after seeing the advert in the Gazette and tells David it's exactly what she's looking for. She says she'll return with her husband. Miklos tells Jerry he'll be gone in three weeks' time. Elsie tells Len she doesn't want to be bitchy with Jenny but can't help herself as she feels she's too much like her. He tells her that she's being too possessive. Mrs Clegg brings her husband, Les, to the shop. David thinks he's not as impressed as his wife with the premises. Miklos asks Emily to go on holiday to Scotland with him. David refuses to drop the asking price and tells them Emily will be leaving the flat when they sell up - the Cleggs are pleased as they want it for their son, Gordon. Miklos promises Emily he will not make any demands on her and she agrees to go with him. Jenny gets a job as a demonstrator at Ashworths selling kitchen equipment. Elsie buys her a drink to break the ice. David is nervous about what the Cleggs' decision will be. Emily packs for her holiday. Minnie gets a letter from Ena saying she wants to come back and move into one of the maisonettes. She asks Len to make enquiries for her. The Cleggs decide to buy the shop, delighting David but saddening Irma. Les realises it's a fresh start for them but it's up to him to make it work.


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