Sophie and Sian are thrilled when James asks them to run the soup kitchen for the day whilst he goes to view a property in Gorton which the charity is thinking of buying. Tina excitedly packs her things and thanks Rita for having her to stay. Graeme admits to David that he's in love with Xin. Upma and Grishma spot Dr Carter in the café. Thinking him a suitable future husband for Sunita, they dupe him into calling at No.7. Tina starts moving her things back into her flat but she's surprised to find Xin still there. Tina's immediately suspicious and goes in search of Graeme. Dr Carter calls at No.7 and is quick to realise that the aunties are trying to set him up with their niece. Sunita's mortified whilst Dev's totally oblivious. Carla tells Fiz that she wants her back at the factory which reopens on Monday. Fiz tries to protest saying there's nobody to look after Hope but at Carla's suggestion, Chesney and Katy agree to help with child care. Fiz is grateful. James tells Sophie and Sian that they failed to lock up the soup kitchen properly and it's been burgled. The girls are gutted that they've let James down. Brian Packham calls at No.5 to see Fiz brandishing a copy of the Gazette. Tina's moping in Rita's flat when Graeme calls round. Unable to hide the truth any longer, Graeme admits that he slept with Xin and they are in love.


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