Episode 7622
Production code P694/7622
ITV transmission date 10th June 2011
(Friday - Part 2)
Script editor Verity Ellis
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Elizabeth Murray
Jack Ford
Writer Julie Jones
Designer Alan Davis
Director Laurence Moody
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 10th June 2011
Next episode 13th June 2011


Tina's upset and angry as Graeme tries to explain how he and Xin never meant to hurt her. Brian is quizzing Fiz about John's double life when Julie calls round. Julie is shocked to see Brian and berates him for the way he treated her. Brian begs Julie to forgive him and tells her how he and his wife are now history but Julie refuses to listen. Sophie and Sian feel terrible as James shows them round the soup kitchen pointing out all that's been stolen. Rita tries to comfort Tina but she's beside herself and shocked that her boyfriend was at it with her best friend right under her nose. Upma and Grishma try to match-make Sunita with first Nick and then Marcus. Sunita tells them to pack it in. Graeme returns to his flat and tells Xin how he's chosen her over Tina. As they're declaring their love for each other Tina arrives in a fury. Tina throws Graeme and Xin out of the flat and takes their keys off them. Kevin catches Sophie handing over her wages to James. He demands to know what's going on. Sophie explains how the charity was robbed and she blames herself but Kevin reckons they should be able to claim on their insurance. James is uncomfortable. Graeme and Xin sit out on the Street, homeless but in love as Tina chucks all of their belongings out of the flat window. As Tina surveys the mess, she breaks down and cries.


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