Becky's gutted that Steve doesn't want her anymore. Roy and Hayley fuss round her unsure what to say. Rita introduces Dennis to Eileen pointing out that Eileen now lives in Elsie's old house. Eileen realises that he's the "Dennis Tanner" who scratched his name on the window sill at No.11. Carla and Frank show Sandeesh, a prospective customer, around the factory. Carla gets a call from her brother to say their mother has died. Carla's shocked. Steve tells Stella that he's going to Brighton for a few days to stay with Andy and leaving her in charge of the Rovers. Stella's thrilled. Sandeesh tries to beat Carla and Frank down on price. Carla's in no mood for games and tells her to shove her order. Sandeesh storms out. When Eva's rude to Leanne, Stella's quick to apologise and forces Eva to do the same. Carla apologises to Frank for blowing the deal with Sandeesh and explains how she's just found out that her mother has died. Frank gives her a sympathetic hug. Izzy's late home after meeting some old girlfriends from Freshco's for a drink. Gary behaves strangely and it's clear that he's not happy. Izzy's slightly unnerved. When Julie learns that Elsie's maiden name was "Grimshaw" she wonders if they're related. Dennis tells Rita that he thinks Julie's a bit ditsy. Becky marches into the Rovers and tells Stella that with Steve out of the way, it's her pub and she's in charge. Stella's gobsmacked.


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Leanne Barlow (to Eva Price): "Shut up and take your face back to the charity shop where you got it from."

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