Leanne's fuming and demands to know what's going on. Peter explains how Carla's mother has just died and she needed a shoulder to cry on. Sophie suggests to James that they could hold a charity auction. Peter apologises to Leanne but she makes it clear that she wants an end to his friendship with Carla. In the Rovers, Becky announces that she's hosting another lock-in. She turns up the jukebox to a deafening volume. Tommy, Jason and Tyrone are delighted whilst Norris, Emily, Ken and Deirdre are appalled and quickly leave, taking their custom to Nick's Bistro instead. Gary hides Izzy's phone so that she can't contact Will about the ticket for a gig this evening. Frank spots Carla in the Rovers and, noticing that she's already drunk, feels a sense of duty and sits with her until she's ready to leave. Stella's chatting to Leanne in the bookies when suddenly a masked youth runs in brandishing a baseball bat and demanding the cash from the till. Leanne refuses to hand over the money and Stella wrestles the baseball bat from the youth who then legs it. Leanne's shaken-up and Stella wishes she could hug her. Sophie asks Nick if they can use to bistro to host the charity auction. Nick seems quite keen. Will calls at the flat to see Izzy. Gary lies to him saying that she's out. Izzy's none the wiser. Frank takes drunken Carla back to his house. Carla tries to kiss him but Frank pulls away. Carla's mortified. Sick of the row from the pub, Ken storms into the Rovers and cuts the plug off the jukebox. Becky's fuming. Carla crashes out on Frank's sofa. He gently places a kiss on her forehead and tucks her up for the night.


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