Sophie's shell-shocked realising that Rob and Janet have disappeared with Kevin's money. Sian points out that she's going to have to tell Kevin what she's done. The Barlows gather for dinner at No.1 to celebrate Deirdre's birthday. Simon gives her a book about pottery as a present. Deirdre's delighted. Kylie's bitter about the fact that Audrey won't turf Maria out of the Salon flat. Audrey tells her that she'll be out of a job too if she doesn't shut up. David tells Kylie that he's fed up of being stuck in the middle of her continual rows with his mum and his gran. Sophie confronts James demanding to know what's going on. James seems to be as perplexed as she is and promises to try and track Rob and Janet down. With Sian's support, Sophie tearfully confesses to Kevin and Sally how she stole £20,000 from Kevin's bank account and transferred it to the charity's account and Sian explains how it seems that Rob and Janet who ran the charity have disappeared and done a runner with Kevin's money. Kevin and Sally are furious with Sophie, telling her that she's commited a serious crime. Hayley and Chesney visit Fiz in prison hoping to persuade Fiz that Hope would be better off with her but Fiz is adamant that Hope must never live in prison. Chesney storms out, frustrated by her attitude. Kevin storms round to No.1 and accuses James of recruiting naive kids to steal money for a bunch of con artists. James claims innocence. Marc takes Audrey for a drink at the bistro. Afterwards he kisses her goodnight which takes them both by surprise. Kevin's livid and tells Sophie that he'll never trust her again. Sally tells Sophie how angry and disappointed she is and Kevin states that he's calling the police.


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