Sophie is forced to tell the police about Roof & Refuge and how they stole the £20,000. Under pressure from Sally and unable to bring himself to report his daughter, Kevin covers for Sophie and tells the police that he transferred the money to the charity himself. Leanne finds out she's pregnant. She's thrilled and Peter's happy for her. Amber openly chats to Dev and Sunita about her love life. Dev's uncomfortable whilst Sunita's amused at how much she's matured since going away. Kevin phones the bank and finds out that as he supposedly gave the money to the charity himself his fraud protection won't cover the loss, leaving him even more furious. Marc takes Audrey to a cross-dressers' bar in the gay village. They meet up with another cross-dresser and his wife. To Audrey's surprise she really enjoys herself. Amber insensitively questions Sunita about the tram crash. Sunita makes Dev promise that Amber's only staying for the summer. Ken and Deirdre are thrilled to hear Peter and Leanne's news. Carla guesses something's up and Peter is forced to tell her that Leanne's pregnant. James meets up with Rob from the charity, having been in on the scam all along. James is annoyed when Rob only gives him a £3,000 cut of the profits. Ken tells James how proud he is of him and that he will always have a home at No.1. James starts to secretly form a plan.


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  • Richard Hammatt was credited as the Stunt Co-Ordinator on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Kevin relents and tells the police he transferred the cash himself; Carla overhears Leanne revealing news of her pregnancy; and Amber announces she is staying for the summer.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,800,000 viewers (4th place).
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