Ken tells Deirdre and Tracy that he won't be reporting James to the police because he's family. Deirdre's appalled pointing out that he tried to rob them of their house. Eva has her sights set on Nick. She asks him if there's any bar work going at the bistro. Nick promises to bear her in mind. Gail thinks that Eva's a trollop. Sally pulls Izzy up on the standard of her work. Gary's quick to defend her and Izzy's annoyed by his interfering. Tracy tells Peter and Leanne that James is a nasty con man and he thumped Ken. Peter threatens to find James and give him a good beating but Ken forbids him. Desperate for a bit of time away from Gary, Izzy asks Sean and Julie if she can go clubbing with them. She lies to Gary saying that she's spending the evening with Katy. Steve arrives back from Amy's sports day with a pulled muscle. Tracy enjoys fussing over him. Gary suggests to Izzy that he could come with her to Katy's flat. Izzy's quick to quash that idea and makes her escape. Peter offers to explain to Kevin how James was involved in the charity scam and stealing his £20,000 but Ken resolves to tell Kevin the whole sorry story himself. Once in town, Sean and Julie wait for Izzy whilst she gets some money out of a cash machine. Annoyed that Izzy isn't answering her phone, Gary sets off for No.5 and is horrified to discover that Izzy isn't there and has clearly lied to him. After Izzy takes her cash from the machine, she's mugged by a youth and knocked to the ground.


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