Julie wants to call an ambulance but Izzy insists she's okay. They take her back home in a taxi. Tracy enjoys playing happy families with Steve and Amy. Gary calls in the Rovers looking for Izzy. It's clear he's on edge. Marc takes Audrey for a birthday meal at Nick's Bistro. Afterwards they go back to Marc's house for a nightcap. Sean arrives in the Rovers. Gary asks him if he's seen Izzy and flustered Sean admits that Izzy's been mugged in town and Julie's taken her back to the flat. Ken tells Kevin, Sally, Sophie and Sian how James was nothing but a con artist and how sorry he is about the £20,000. Kevin's furious and pushes Ken out. Gary, Owen and Dr Carter descend on Izzy wanting to know if she's okay. Izzy's furious and sends them all packing. Sophie's deeply upset by James's betrayal and tells Kevin how sorry she is. Kevin gives her short shrift and Sally accuses him of caring more about his scratch-card money than his own daughter. Izzy explains to Gary how she felt she had to lie to him in order to get an evening on her own with her mates, and that sometimes he can be overly protective. Gary marches into the Rovers and punches Sean, accusing him of luring Izzy into town behind his back. Owen has to restrain Gary and Anna watches, horrified. Audrey and Marc kiss and Audrey agrees to stay the night. Gary returns home and promises Izzy he'll never let anything bad happen to her again.


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