Episode 7661
Production code P694/7661
ITV transmission date 5th August 2011
(Friday - Part 1)
Script editor Gareth Lemon
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Jack Ford
Caroline Roby
Writer Joe Turner
Designer Alan Davis
Director Graeme Harper
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 4th August 2011
Next episode 5th August 2011


Gail and David are stunned when Becky arrives at the breakfast table having spent the night with Nick. Izzy finds herself continually bumping into Gary. She accuses him of stalking her but he assures her that it's accidental. Kylie and Becky row about Max and David has to break up the fight. Amber arranges a date with Tommy. They agree to meet at the bistro. Audrey tells David that she's intending to work less hours and suggests he goes on a management course. David insists he doesn't need any course. When Tina offers to cook a meal for Tyrone and Tommy as a thank-you, Tommy's quick to tell her that Tyrone can't make it as he's got a Greek lesson. Owen's furious with Chris when he skives off work to take Russ to the Red Rec. Chris chats to Maria and it's clear he's completely forgotten about their row the night before. Maria's bemused. Becky kisses Nick in front of Steve hoping to make him jealous. Steve in turn lies saying he's got a hot date with a very beautiful woman that evening. Steve phones round all his ex-girlfriends trying to find a hot date. Eventually an old flame called Beth agrees. Steve's delighted. Dr Carter tells Chris that he's missed his appointment with the consultant but he's made him another one as it's important. Tommy goes on his date with Amber. He bolts down his meal and then leaves pretending that Tyrone's been admitted to hospital for observation. Tommy races back to No.9 for his dinner with Tina. Steve's hot date, Beth, turns up at the bistro dragging her son with her. Steve realises that he's on the date from hell. Becky's highly amused.


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