Episode 7702
Production code P694/7702
ITV transmission date 29th September 2011
Script editor Verity Ellis
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Jack Ford
Caroline Roby
Kathryn Pugsley
Writer Julie Jones
Designer Alan Davis
Director Laurence Moody
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode 26th September 2011
Next episode 30th September 2011


Peter wakes up on the sofa to the sound of Leanne slamming cupboard doors. He's worried that she's dressed to go out and tell the police, but she's going to collect Simon. DC Malone and a policewoman arrive at Carla's messy flat, empty glasses and an empty champagne bottle. Carla worries about the impression it might give. The police have no new information but want to go over things again. Sean tells everybody at Underworld that a clip of Rosie having a punch-up on national TV has become an internet sensation. Steve is disappointed to hear that Andy won't be coming to Jim's trial. Carla is about to ring Leanne after the police leave but decides against it. Bill and Pam tell Tyrone and Kevin that they're going to get married. Hayley and Becky see an unkempt Carla making her way towards the bookies. They offer help but Carla's not interested. Lloyd is finding it difficult having an ill Chris living at his house, and Steve is dreading his dad's trial. Carla arrives at the bookies. Peter wants to hug her but can't. Leanne is furious that Carla won't leave Peter alone. Carla leaves after Leanne has insulted her, broken. Leanne tells Peter not to bother coming back if he goes after her. Anna's in such a good mood that Sylvia asks her if she's been on the "wacky backy". Owen comes in and is all smiles with Anna. Kevin is surprised to see Bill ordering cheese salad, then changes his order to full English with extra black pudding after Kevin and Sylvia question him. A happy Kevin says to Bill that though he's fighting fit again, Sally hasn't asked him to leave. Alone in her flat, Carla begins drinking a bottle of vodka, tears streaming. Tyrone tells Pam that Kevin wants to change Jack's surname. Pam is furious that Kevin's life seems to have reverted back to normal. Sylvia tells Owen that she'll be keeping an eye on him to see he treats Anna with respect. Carla is quite drunk and finds the bottle of sleeping pills, tipping them out onto her hand. Pam storms round to No.4, berating Sally for taking Kevin back. Kevin and Bill arrive at the same time and an argument ensues about baby Jack's surname. Pam is led away by Bill as she tells Kevin he won't be welcome at their wedding. A drunken Carla rings Peter. Leanne can tell who it is by the look on Peter's face and tells him to put it on speakerphone. Peter is worried by what he hears. Carla has taken all of the pills and finished the bottle of vodka. She tells Peter that she wanted to say goodbye. Carla's phone breaks as she falls to the ground unconscious. Her phone dead, Peter rings an ambulance. Leanne, too, is fearful of what's happened. The factory workers discuss what a bad time Carla has had with Frank. To cheer them up, Sean gets his phone and shows the clip of Rosie fighting. What Pam said has hit a nerve with Sally, and she asks Kevin to leave in the morning. Peter and Leanne arrive at Carla's flat to find a policeman and paramedics already there. The policeman forces the door open. Carla lies there lifeless. In shock, Leanne stares at a distraught Peter. One of the paramedics finds a weak pulse. Peter cradles Carla in his arms begging her to stay alive, Leanne watching him sob over another woman.


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