Chris tells Cheryl and Lloyd that he's got a hospital appointment as he's starting his new treatment today. Lloyd wishes him luck. After a phone call from the vet's, Katy finds out that Schmeichel has cancer. She confronts Chesney who admits that he's already spent the last of their savings on the vet's bill and Schmeichel still needs an operation. Katy and a reluctant Chesney ask Owen if he'll lend them the money to pay off the rent arrears on No.5 and for Schmeichel's operation. Lloyd goes to collect Chris from the hospital but the receptionist tells him that there's no chemotherapy clinic that day. Lloyd asks Chris how his chemotherapy went and Chris shiftily tells him it was fine. Eileen and Paul meet up for lunch at No.11. Paul tells her how Lesley's condition is worsening and she's become violent. Eileen sympathises. Michelle excitedly tells Ciaran that she's nailed the contract for Underworld and they've got a big order. Owen gives Katy the money for the rent but tells Chesney that having spoken to the vet, he's not willing to pay for Schmeichel's operation as it's unlikely to be successful. Chesney's heart-broken. Jason's annoyed with Eileen for seeing Paul again. Eileen assures him that they're just friends. Desperate to find the money for Schmeichel's operation, Chesney steals the rent money from Katy's purse. Lloyd tells Steve how Chris appears to have been lying about his hospital appointment. Lloyd resolves to get to the bottom of it. Cheryl pours out her heart to Leanne and admits that it's Chris who sets her pulse racing, not Lloyd. Leanne urges her to come clean with Lloyd.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Lloyd begins to suspect Chris is not telling the truth about his condition; Katy is upset to learn Chesney is planning an expensive operation for Schmeichel at a time when they cannot even afford to pay their rent; and Eileen lies to Jason about seeing Paul.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,360,000 viewers (16th place).
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