As the bailiff tries to force his way into No.5, Owen recognises him as an old mate from the past. Owen persuades the bailiff to give Chesney twenty-four hours to find the money. Steve finds Lloyd and Karl arguing in the cab office. Lloyd tells Steve that he's sacked Karl for making jokes about Cheryl. Steve tells Karl that he's still got a job and tells Lloyd to go home and calm down. Ciaran insists he wants to return to the cruise ship and he and Michelle realise that they both want very different things in life. Chesney desperately phones different vets looking for someone to operate on Schmeichel but with no luck. Matt introduces Tina to his friends over dinner. Tina takes an instant dislike to Matt's ex-girlfriend Jenny and is even more annoyed when Matt fails to stick up for her when Jenny tries to put her down. Chesney finally crumples and admits to Katy that he knows Schmeichel is dying but he just can't handle it. Katy comforts him. Tommy and Tyrone construct a "UFO" flying saucer with which they plan to fool Brian. Steve and Lloyd go on a lads' night out to help Lloyd forget about Cheryl. The vet calls at No.5. Chesney cradles Schmeichel as the vet puts him to sleep. After a dreadful evening with Matt, Tina stomps off home and is pleased to find Tyrone and Tommy still up, playing with their UFO. As Chesney stares at Schmeichel's empty dog basket, the phone rings. It's Fiz to tell him that she's had some fantastic news, she's coming home. Chesney breaks down after an emotional day.


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  • An uncredited Hope Stape appears in this episode played by a set of twins whose names are unknown.
  • The two unnamed Police Officers who confront Tina McIntyre are not credited, despite having lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: A phone call from Fiz lifts Chesney's spirits as he says his final goodbyes to Schmeichel; Tommy comforts Tina after she endures a meal from hell with Matt and his uni friends; and Steve tries to pick up the pieces for Lloyd.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,850,000 viewers (6th place).
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