Fiz is released from prison on bail. Under pressure from Michelle, Ciaran agrees that they'll stay in Weatherfield. Russ tries to talk to Lloyd in the café but Chris quickly calls him over. Chesney phones the council and they agree a repayment plan for the rent arrears. Fiz asks Michelle for her old job back at the factory but Michelle says that's Carla's decision and Carla's away. Fiz feels rejected. Fiz finds Norris and Mary gossiping about her in The Kabin. She walks out feeling humiliated. Ciaran gets a job as sous chef at the bistro. It's a far cry from head chef on a cruise ship and it's clear that Ciaran isn't thrilled with his new position. Lloyd finds Russ bunking off school. Russ admits that he's unhappy and wishes he could see more of Lloyd. Matt apologises to Tina about their night out and assures her that he only wants what's best for her and reckons she should think about going to college. Lloyd drops Russ off with Cheryl and tells her how Chris shouted at Russ for trying to talk to him. Cheryl confronts Chris. Fiz enters the Rovers to find a banner reading "Welcome Home, Fiz". She's touched but her mood soon changes when Sally makes some spiteful remarks. Fiz loses her rag and threatens Sally. Stella asks Fiz to leave. Chris bangs on Lloyd's door in a fury and accuses him of making up tales about him and Russ. Lloyd tells Chris and Cheryl to leave him alone as he's sick of the pair of them. Brian and Julie go UFO spotting on the Red Rec. Tommy and Tyrone play their trick on Brian with their home-made flying saucer. Brian gets over-excited and stumbles over a tree branch. Tommy and Tyrone are in stitches. Upset, Fiz tells Chesney that as soon as she's cleared her name she's leaving Weatherfield with baby Hope.


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