Stella's short-staffed and tells Karl that he'll have to work behind the bar this evening. Sophie and Sian excitedly look at wedding venues. Kirsty's ears prick up when Tina says that she's borrowing Rita's car to go into town. Stella makes Lloyd tidy his house while she sorts out the paperwork for the Inland Revenue. Lloyd's grateful. When a delivery of silk for Frank is accidentally delivered to Underworld instead, Anne and Sally call round to retrieve it. Carla and Michelle enjoy winding them up and deny all knowledge of the silk. Emily organises a tram crash memorial service and asks Peter if he'll speak at it. Peter agrees. Karl scrapes together all his taxi fare takings and heads to the casino. Tina's furious to find that Rita's car has been clamped and towed away. She rows with a police officer and Tommy has to drag her away. Leanne asks Carla if Underworld can help with the costumes for the Nativity play and Carla agrees. Sunita offers Sophie her job back at the Corner Shop and promises to try and keep Amber out of her way. Sophie's grateful. Stella's run off her feet behind the bar and wonders where on earth Karl has got to. Karl ignores his phone and carries on playing blackjack in the casino.


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  • Two unnamed characters at The Sunset Casino are not credited although they have lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Stella tries to contact Karl when she faces a crisis in the pub; Carla receives Frank's order for a box of silk, but refuses to hand it over to Sally; and Tina finds herself in trouble after another spat with Kirsty.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,240,000 viewers (6th place).
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