Kirsty accuses Tina of fancying Tyrone. Tina's furious and insists that Tyrone is just a mate. Dev tells Ken that Peter is drinking again. Owen's furious to discover that his heron decoy has been stolen from the garden. Anna does her best to placate him. Peter pours his heart out to Carla telling her what a failure he is and how the world would be a better place without him. Carla comforts him. Karl insists on buying Lloyd a drink but it's clear that Lloyd's uncomfortable and Stella's unusually frosty towards him. Karl wonders what's going on. Ken and Deirdre break the news to Leanne that Peter's been drinking again. Leanne's upset but insists she must go home and wait for him to return. Kirsty tells Tyrone how much she loves being with him and Tyrone suggests that she moves into No.9. Kirsty's thrilled. Peter thanks Carla for listening and kisses her. It's obvious that they both want more but Carla, acting responsibly, tells Peter to go home to Leanne. Peter leaves. Owen accuses David and Kylie of stealing his heron decoy and tells them they've got until morning to return it. David sends him packing. Peter's about to let himself into his flat when he has second thoughts. Peter goes back to see Carla and tells her that he can't deny his feelings any more, he's totally in love with her. They kiss passionately. Tyrone tells Tommy and Tina that Kirsty is moving in. Kirsty apologises for to Tina for the snide remarks she made earlier. Leanne sits alone in the flat waiting for Peter to come home. Peter and Carla head for the bedroom but suddenly Carla is gripped with fear at the memory of Frank. She apologises to Peter thinking that she's ruined everything but Peter reassures her.


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